Corporate Profile


ERA Malaysia started operations in 2007 and is part of ERA Real Estate, one of the leading real estate companies in the world and also the largest real estate brokerage network in Asia Pacific. The ERA brand name is well-known throughout the world as a franchised real estate business and is very highly-regarded in the industry, carrying with it much credibility. With such recognition, ERA Malaysia is well-placed to emulate ERA's worldwide success by providing branding, business systems and marketing support to real estate agencies in Malaysia.

Even though ERA Malaysia was only established five years ago, we have already made our mark in the country as one of the premier real estate sales training and business system providers for the real estate industry via our pilot programmes.

ERA Malaysia now has two member agencies across four offices and 150 sales associates and the number is still growing. In making its mark as a centre of excellence and champion for the real estate profession, ERA Malaysia will be increasing its impact and reach to more states in Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. 

Goals and Objectives
Among ERA Malaysia's principal aims is to bring world-class standards of professionalism and a strong corporate identity to the field of real estate agency practice. To achieve this, we introduced the ERA Business System, founded on our T.E.A.M (Technology, Education, Awards and Marketing) principle to help member agencies enhance their current business practices.

ERA Malaysia's primary mission is to provide the necessary tools, skills and support to real estate agencies and real estate negotiators to help them realise their full potential, thus enabling them elevate their brand image, professionalism and reputation. This forms a vital part of ERA Malaysia's mandate as we strive to elevate business practices and positively impact the way most real estate agencies and its sales negotiators conduct their business.

Another important advantage provided by ERA Malaysia is the organisation's specially designed Core Training Programmes. Helmed by trainers who have honed their skills throughout the years, the training programmes are created to assist individuals who are already in the industry or about to make a foray into this exciting field to realise their potential as professional Real Estate Negotiators.

It is ERA Malaysia's fervent hope that by offering these agencies and negotiators with comprehensive training programmes as well as innovative products and services allied to a strong support fabric, we will empower and equip our members to provide the highest levels of service in the industry.

Company Values
ERA Malaysia's operations are based on three pillars, namely "Ethics", "Integrity" and "Professionalism". These three pillars govern our business principles and are prevalent throughout any activities carried out under ERA Malaysia's brand name.

ERA Malaysia truly believes in collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation. Our success is made possible with the collaboration of industry players to form a 'Smarter Community' that contributes to the advancement of this dynamic field.