ERA Business Strategy


Market-Focused Business Strategy 

To fulfill our charter, ERA Malaysia has developed a business strategy that focuses on specific objectives to reach the respective target markets comprising Real Estate Agencies, Developers and Members of the Public. The objectives are summarised in the table below:

ERA Business System ERA Project Marketing
ERA Public
Provide ERA Business System that enables member agencies to achieve new levels of growth Implement the ERA Marketing concept for brand-building and reputation management for enhanced business opportunities
Increase public awareness of real estate best practices and to instil confidence in ERA Malaysia’s professional real estate solutions

ERA Business System

ERA Malaysia's strategy anchors on the T.E.A.M platform which also forms the basis for our solutions and team functions.

In the area of TECHNOLOGY, ERA Malaysia harnesses the latest technology and bespoke tools to empower and benefit its team and members.  Central to this undertaking is the development of a custom Real Office Management System incorporating a wealth of industry content, up-to-the-minute listings and internet marketing services for the connected Real Estate practitioner.

As for EDUCATION, the organisation is well aware of changing market trends. Through specially formulated programmes and training, ERA Malaysia aims to equip its members to ensure that they are able to serve their markets effectively as they evolve.

Through the ERA AWARDS programme, achievers are accorded well-deserved recognition. This echoes ERA Malaysia's value of being results-oriented and also aims to foster greater professionalism through these prestigious and reputation-enhancing programmes.

ERA Malaysia strives to participate actively by fielding Malaysian representation in the globally renowned ERA Asia Pacific Awards and Recognition event.  Among ERA Malaysia's notable achievements at the event was when two of its member representatives garnered Fifth positions at the Asia Pacific awards (Rookie category - Transactions) while one representative attained Fourth position in Asia Pacific (Rookie category – Commission).

As a crucial component of the T.E.A.M. philosophy, MARKETING underscores the brand-building effort in promoting the ERA brand while enhancing our members' agency brands and connecting them with their clients via concerted communications, effective engagement and compelling platforms.

ERA Project Marketing

Offers a comprehensive open discussion and feasibility studies on the best available marketing strategies to developers that caters to both the local and international market. Developer involvement from the outset will also yield a more focused marketing apporach from the ground up and provide our members with exclusive listing opportunities for specific projects.

By consulting for developers and involving marketing agents earlier through marketing feasibility and concept studies, negotiators can provide useful input before a development is launched and developers also gain invaluable market insights from the people who know homebuyers and property investors best.

ERA Public

The ERA Public programme will primarily centre on public awareness of real estate practices to instil essential real estate knowledge and acumen to develop a more sophisticated and market-savvy customer base for its members.  This programme can be in the form of dialogues, seminars or discussions to bring developers, buyers and sellers closer together in the ongoing quest for greater professionalism in the industry and a consistently satisfying homebuying experience.