Why join ERA?

Why be a part of the ERA network?

  • Because you want to grow your real estate business
  • Because you want to focus on closing deals and not get bogged down by operational and staffing issues
  • Because you want unique and exclusive listing rights for new project launches
  • Because you want to leverage the world's largest real estate agency network with over 40,000 sales associates in over 3,500 offices around the world for unparalleled reach
  • Because you want to tap into ERA’s proprietary online database which harnesses thousands of listings from around the country, linking countless buyers, sellers and agencies to provide you with up-to-the-minute leads and co-broke opportunities
  • Because you want to jump-start your business with exclusive and targeted marketing campaigns which will elevate your brand, increase top-of-mind and uncover new revenue streams
  • Because you are concerned about service standards, brand reputation and staff attrition and you want your team to be equipped with the best possible tools and techniques to be highly-regarded by the market
  • Because you believe that education, training and development is the best investment you can make to ensure your agency's present and future success is defined by more than its transactions
  • Because you believe in the power of technology and a well-connected, mutually collaborative community with a strong brand identity and a support fabric that champions innovation, progress and profitability
  • Because you believe that the prestige, recognition and sense of accomplishment conferred by industry-leading awards and incentives will motivate your teams to new heights and instil a culture of excellence and loyalty - you want to hold on to your best people
  • Because you believe that knowledge is the great equaliser and that a structured career-levelling path with a commission scheme that grows with you will yield knowledge transfers and synergies between your agents as they become more invested in their own career advancement and in your business success
  • Because you want to transform your business for longevity and to be well-prepared for the next-level in real estate leadership, for market liberalisation and for other challenges the future may bring 

If this sounds like you, give us a call. Let's talk.